Video Post!

Gotta love that thumbnail.  Looks like someone just put a piece of arrow-decorated duct tape over my mouth.  Sheesh.

Mentioned in the video:

 Buddhist Womens Conference 2011 - Creativity In Action

Dirty Footprint Studio - 21 Secrets Workshop, BIG* (*registration now open!), DEEP,

A few additional notes:

*I mention in the video that you don't have to be Buddhist to attend the conference.  This is my assumption.  I've signed up and may be the fox in the hen house...but I'm overcoming my fear of being an "outsider" and embracing an experience that speaks to my soul.  I am hoping that most of the attendees and organizers will be ok with open-minded souls attending.

*Sorry for that powerful "BUT" at the end.  I didn't adjust volume and apparently was a little over-excited.  I have never claimed not to have a big but.  Next time I'll warn you.

*I feel blessed.  I just do.  I feel lucky to have a house to clean, a husband to love, kids to care for, a computer on which to type, awareness to explore...can I encourage anyone with these words to find a bit more gratitude in your life?  (Right now.  Not when "that one thing" happens.)  I am in a VERY fortunate position.  But if you are able to read this - and are doing so with food in your tummy and knowing where your next meal will come from - so are you.  Let's spread our gratitude, shall we?

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