Wake-Up Call


1) We long for comfort.  Ease.  Steadiness.  These desires lead us to and keep us in bed.

2) We long for passion.  Inspiration.  Motivation.  These desires get us out of bed.


In between the two we dance.  


But there is a dangerous trend I'm noticing in the dance steps.  We stay asleep, comfortable, yet stumble around out of bed as if we are alive.  A tired tango.  A sleepwalking samba.

Perhaps as if in a dream, we feel that passion, that inner calling to do something.  Those beautiful sirens of passion and something more sing so sweetly.  But we are too afraid or unwilling to be uncomfortable.  So with eyes closed, clinging our pillows, we open our front doors and say, "I'm awake!  This is me!  Here I am!".

Except we aren't there.  Our body, our shell, our facade stands before the world.  Our spirit, our authenticity, our true self remains asleep under the covers.


While we are still asleep, we do what we think someone should do when they want to wake up.  We mimic the steps, putting our feet on the floor, moving out into the world.  

We just forget to wake up.


By all means, let's listen to those voices that call to us to get out of bed.  And let's rest when needed.  

But before we put ourselves and others in danger by blindly leading the blind, let's just make sure we know when we are sleeping

and when we are awake.