We: A Painting and The Process (a video)


This particular painting truly resonates with me - but more because of the process than the painting.  Trying to put the process into words would have made for a VERY long blog post....


So instead I made a very long video. 


Note: I feel the desire to apologize for the quality of this video.  It was recorded with a Kodak Sport, which records in HD.  But in the process of all the conversion, it ended up like this.  If anyone has any tips to keep this cleaner, I'd love to hear them!!


(If you can't access it here, go directly to the video on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/22631205 )


For those who don't want to / don't have time to watch the video, a few highlights:

  • It started off as an attention painting, asking where you are directing your attention.


  • It morphed into a conversation between the human/mundane/adult self (that is needed to experience our stories in this existence) and the divine/aware/child self (that must be remembered as part of the human existence)


  • The colors add even more to the story...

Hope you enjoyed...I'd love to hear your thoughts on where your attention is falling....


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