What Are You Listening To - Really?



LISTEN, Encaustic & stamps on Dried Rose Petals


I'm not sure we really know what we are listening to anymore.

We might think we hear the radio and the melody of the traffic.  We might think we hear our daughter whining because she didn't get the sucker or our son telling us about his favorite part of the day.  We might think we hear the songs of nature when we allow ourselves a moment's escape from the built-up world.

But do we really?

Inside our minds chatter on and on.  Giving us directions to where we are headed, complaining about the driver two cars ahead who won't speed up, wondering if that buzzing is a bee or a fly and perhaps that bug spray might have been a good idea and maybe it might be better to head to the car and watch from there....

Inside we rarely, if ever, find silence.  When we listen to someone else speak, all too often we are chattering away in our own heads what we will say next.  When we listen to music, we are often running through the emotional thoughts that arise from lyrics or the groovy tune.  (Yep.  GROOVY.)


Believe it or not, that inner chatter will always speak louder than what we think we are listening to.  We're hearing our own fears and wants and desires and shoulds and to-do lists all while we think we are listening to the outside world.


For this reason alone, it cannot be more important to actually listen Listen to your own thoughts. Listen to what you are anticipating or dreading or thinking RIGHT NOW.  (Is it really about these words? Or are you already thinking about what how you do or don't do this?  Or perhaps what is for lunch?)

I've strung this delicate list of letters printed on wax-covered rose petals to remind myself.  I encourage you to find your own reminders.


Just for today.....





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