What Are You Making?

I've wanted to learn to crochet for years.

A few weeks ago, I finally purchased yarn, a hook (the wrong size, I later learned), and sat down in front of multiple YouTube videos.

Since then, I've been practicing stitch after stitch, turning chain after turning chain.

Several people have asked me what I'm making.  I'll look at the rows of uneven but patiently woven stitches and reply, "I don't know - what do you think it is"?  Apparently, I've been making coasters, placemats, a head wrap, and a blanket for my daughter's 3" horse.

Go me.

The more I practice, the more I find myself interested in the art.  Not because what I can make of it (honestly, I'm not that into crocheted doilies), but because what it is making of me.

Patient.  Focused.  Relaxed.  Creative.  Inspired.

This morning, too exhausted (from being sick) to do my typical routine but still needing to get up to get my son and daughter on the bus, I plopped down in our large recliner with a glass of iced green tea and my crochet materials.  

I started a "crochet in the round", which is my newest learning obsession.  Within about 20 minutes, I had a little round flower shape.  

I called my daughter over, cut a few more pieces of yarn, and presented her with a necklace for the day.  Because she had her necklace, she wanted to pull her hair up and tie a ribbon around it.  


Before leaving for the bus, she ran to look at herself in the mirror.

With a huge smile, she said, "I love myself!".

Not focused on the art it creates, but in the creative process of the art, I indulge in the most miraculous of moments.

So what am I making?

What do you think?