What Are Your Stories?

What do you tell yourself?

What stories do you weave about your life?

What tales do you tell over and over...and are they stoking the fire that burns in your spirit or pulling you quickly to your grave?


This encaustic work emerged out of my interest in the stories we tell ourselves - the beliefs we hold, the realities in which we go about our ordinary lives.  

Almost invisible story-lines are embedded throughout the storyboard.  They begin straight, clear...we are told what to do and what to believe.  

As life goes on, we are given greater responsibility for our own stories.  The lines we lay, the paths we follow are not so straight....


Every moment, every truth we tell, every lie we spread, every bit of beauty and fear we hold, EVERY moment...we write our story.  Yet often we forget that we are the author.  

We lose that peaceful, energizing connection with the spirit that drives us and start believing our hand writes on its own.  That this story just "is what it is".  How could I possibly be creating it?  This job, this relationship, this life...we forget our role in it.


Storyboard, 12 in. x12in., encaustic & mixed media on panel


It is time to re-member.