What Do You See?: The Invitation of Art


Untitled (Lisa R Wilson)

Painted after viewing THIS VIDEO, showing the painting style of Mel McCuddin.

I fell in love with his process.  I replicated it to create this.


I asked a question yesterday over on Facebook that generated some fascinating responses.  (In order to avoid making this post about that topic, please view my profile on Facebook if you are interested)

The responses were quite diverse - which I loved.  Each person, bringing their interpretation, their stories to the table.

What I hope most people did, however, is to look - without judgment - at the stories offered...including their own.  


This is what I love about art - the art of questions, words, paint, images, yoga, dance... -

it offers an invitation to awareness.

If you would like to share, I'd love to know what awareness arises when you view the above painting.