What I Want For Us

How do you want to experience your life?



It is an important question.  It places awareness on right Now (the only time we experience life) and asks us about the now coming after now.

It is a question that guides me.  

If I am aware that I am angry or stressed (which is a practice in and of itself!), I can also be aware that I don't want to experience my day that way.  I am then invited to make choices to change that experience (inner and/or situational).  For example, if my daughter is whining because her red crayon just dropped in the car and we can't stop to get it and it isn't fair and she NEEDS it now....

(yeah, this just happened)

...and I find myself deeply stressed, I can ask myself if being frazzled is the way I want to experience this day.  If I'm honest and not too caught up in my anger, the answer is no.  I can then choose many options to change my experience of the situation: pull over and get the crayon, focus on the deep blue sky and my breath, try to converse with her and change the subject....  

The point is, I have choices.  When I ask myself this question, I free myself from the story.  I am aware that I can do something.  And through doing something, I change my experience of the moment (and thus, my day, and thus, my life).  It all begins with awareness.


On a broader scale, I know that I want to MINDFULLY experience my life...and to invite others to do the same.  (OK - "Invite" while strongly suggesting that it is VERY important and beneficial to do so!!)

I want you to mindfully experience your own life - the love and the pains - and to do so free of judgment and attachment.  

I want us to be free of suffering.  

I want both of us to journey awake and alive through the mundane: to do our grocery shopping while practicing kind thoughts for the 97 people who just got in line in front of us and to practice being with folding the shirt instead of already fretting over what is for dinner.  To wake up in the morning excited about the day and fall asleep at night with peaceful release.


As my days go on, my journey becomes more and more clear.  Dusts of fear and clouds of ignorance are being blown away.  I have been fortunate to be aware of my own experiences and now feel called to assist others in discovering and embodying their own truths.


I invite you into mindfulness through Awareness Art.

(I mentioned there would be more changes around here...and I wasn't kidding.  Wave after wave....)


Awareness Art is many things, but it is always an invitation to be fully, mindfully ALIVE.  Reminders that you can place around your home, objects of meditation, movements that help you embody concepts that go beyond words, teachings that provide perspectives...


Please visit the newly-designed ART PAGE for more information on Awareness Art and new art work (opportunities for you to own these mindful reminders coming soon!!).

While you are looking around, check out the new ABOUT page!  You may learn a thing or two....


And please, let me know what you think.  Because this isn't just about me.  I want to journey with YOU - to allow both of us to deeply experience our lives burning through fear, knowing embodied love, and exuding compassion.


Here's to the practice and to the journey....