What Really Matters

Perhaps there is not One Truth we are here to discover.

Perhaps there are many truths we are here to experience.


Consider this: If we are here not for some grander purpose, some greater truth that we stumble along trying to uncover (alone or together), but simply for the experience of being alive and dying....

then this moment is the only moment that matters.


Being present for the experience of this moment is the only thing that matters.


Perhaps it doesn't matter if you are wrist-deep in paint or eating cheesy poofs or up past midnight finishing the financial report or stepping on the Lego.

Perhaps it only matters if you feel the slippery paint and taste the powdery chemical air and smell the late night breeze and accept the pain searing up your leg instead of trying to run from it.


It doesn't matter if you sell that painting for thousands or wake up tomorrow with a stomach ache or get the promotion from the best-report-ever-written-in-the-history-of-report-writing or if your kids end up in the Ivy League school.


It only matters if you are reading this