What You Told Me: The Results

A HUGE thank you to all of those who took the time to respond to the recent survey questions.

I'm sharing it all here, with you.  Why?  Because I believe in transparency.  Honesty.  Growing together - not competing.  You and I?  We're on this path together.  Let's listen to one another...and reflect back what we are hearing.  (You know, that ancient, "conversation" thing?  Yeah.  Let's do that.)


I've dived into the results again and again, thrilled with what I'm finding.  The biggest upswing?  That YOU and I are on the same path!  What I WANT to offer is exactly what YOU WANT to see!  With renewed energy, I forge on ... and, as always, want to take you along on the journey.


If you are interested in the details, I've listed them HERE.

(Interesting percentages and stuff, if you are into that kind of thing.)


More of an overview type of person?  Got it.  Keep reading..


For the most part, you've told me to keep on doing what I'm doing here at BeingBreath - offering guidance, teachings, classes, and art related to Mindfulness, Awareness, and Creative Engagement and Expression (in the studio and in everyday life).  But you want MORE.

So I'll be ramping it up a bit.



  • A HUGE 98% of respondents wanted more on the Art of Everyday Life - and I got all giddy even thinking about that.  


This dance with the nitty-gritties of mundane life?  THAT is what BeingBreath IS!  So expect more posts, more newsletter info, and more guest posts on that very topic.

(Hint: Sign up for the newsletter HERE and

be sure to visit my current series, The Magic of The Mundane, on Tuesdays over at Bliss Habits!)



  • Want more PRACTICE in the Art of Everyday Life - that mindfulness stuff in the midst of the mundane?  I got ya'.  


I have a very unique class in development - one that I'm hoping to release within a month.  It is going to bring the practice DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOORSTEP.  Be sure to be signed up for the newsletter to be the first to hear about it... I cannot WAIT to get all of the pieces together and to deliver it to you (hint, hint).



  • A huge majority of you want to be able to purchase the art you see (thank you!).  And who am I to stand in your way?


I'll be revamping the art portion of this website to make gallery-scrolling super easy, and purchasing as easy as a few clicks.  I've been researching the print-on-demand sites...and am not sure yet about those.  (If you have thoughts like Red Bubble, Zazzle, or the like - PLEASE let me know in the comments!)  Until I follow through on those, I'm going to make the prints that I DO have available over at Etsy.  (Join me there?)


And the other results clearly indicate you are interested in MORE mindfulness, MORE awareness, and MORE creative engagement.

As I continue strengthening my offerings to the world through BeingBreath, I'm going to keep your voices right with me.  What you want is what I have to give, and nothing could thrill me more than that.