Whatever The Weather


According to the calendar and many frustrated folk on Facebook, it is officially spring here in Indiana.


Today, it is 19 degrees (F) outside.  On Sunday, it is forecasted that we will receive 4-8" of snow.

Something is not matching up.


Each day that arises without spring-like weather, plants peeking out of the ground, and a beautiful sunshine is greeted with a grunt by most online.  And, I'll admit, I loved the cold temps and glittering white weather...but have been craving a day outside where my ears and cheeks don't turn red from the biting wind.

Today, upon seeing the snow forecast, I was VERY tempted to throw a fit.  I wanted to whine to anyone who would listen, to once again talk to my husband about moving.  Knowing that Mother Nature doesn't care one way or the other, I decided to save my energy.

And in that conservation, I reflected.  Why does this bother me so much?  Why are we all so frustrated at these unexpected temperatures?

My guess?

Once again, we find ourselves expecting something other than what is.


We've set dates on the calendar that, years ago, were just general guides - observations from an intimate relationship with the world.  We now take them as some firm rule - that when "spring" hits on the calendar, nature is supposed to follow the rules.  Stop the snow, start the rain.  Stop the cold, bring on the warm.

In case we've once again forgotten, nature doesn't work that way.


If I were living somewhere without a calendar, I wouldn't be disturbed by this weather.

Without the knowledge of what is SUPPOSED to be happening, I'd simply be in existence with what IS happening.


I might still find myself cold and desiring warmth, seeking out drops of sunshine wherever they fell.  But this temporary discomfort wouldn't bring me suffering, as it does now.  There would be no expectation that wasn't being met; simply the changing experience of nature.

Knowledge can be beneficial only when we do not cling to it.  Knowing that everything changes - knowledge, rules, the weather - we can find the most peace by simply being with the change.


So today, I bite my tongue (or confine my fingers) from sharing more complaints.  I take a breath, fix a cup of coffee, and live on.

Whatever the weather might be where you are, I hope that you are at peace with it.