Where To Find Life

It will never cease to amaze me how much wisdom is available in each moment.



After school, we went out to the (again dried up) lake for an early evening picnic.


From time to time, the kids would ask questions - about the heron, about the ants scurrying across the ground, about the lake (or lack of), about the food.

Other times, we would just sit in silence and let the breeze blow our own thoughts.


I am becoming more and more convinced that we learn more through simple observation than we can ever be taught through books, lessons, or courses.

It is in the experience of life that its richness is revealed - in the simplicity of each moment that the depths of realization are found.


A dog raced out on the dry lake bed, causing the geese to honk and scatter.  They settled down on the other side and returned to grooming.

All of life's wisdom in this moment.



Lisa Wilson3 Comments