Why I'm Not Apologizing

I'm itching to apologize to you.

I'm wanting to ask for your forgiveness for the space in between posts, for the apparent lack of attention I've given to Being Breath.

But I'm not going to.


Because I wouldn't want you to apologize either.  I would BEG you not you.


This past week has been busy beyond the screen.  My son turned 9 and we had a lot to do to celebrate.  On top of cakes and goodies, we went to an amusement park where we were splashed and tossed and turned and laughed with friends and family late into the evening.


That's actually my mom!  She kept up with all of us, all day long.  I'm so impressed.


My son, putting on an act that he's too cool for the kiddy area.  While he was too tall for most of the kid rides, don't let him fool you....he loved the ones he could get on.


Kings Island at night.


We all have lives beyond what others can see.  This means life "off the computer" as well as the life that goes on in our thoughts and those stories from our past and dreams for our fututre.

When we apologize for not posting, being on Facebook, or perhaps worse, for taking an hour or a day or a week to be with what is unseen, we trivialize it.  We say to ourselves and to others that we were distracted, that we were off course.  


How is this space in which we live ever wrong?


We take our steps, fingers on the keyboard or feet to the pavement.  We wrestle with our thoughts and our decisions and the consequences.

Being Breath is not just a website or some class, it is a way of living with these questions, with every moment.  It is not apologizing for creating space nor for craving it.  It is celebrating life whether we are passionate or pissed.  

It is knowing that this experience, whatever it might be, is worth being present for.

So, no apologies.  Go, live.  Be gentle with yourself and with others.  I'll be on the computer and off of it, doing exactly the same.