Wisdom From Others

It can't be just me.

In the midst of this decluttering, this return to an outdoor yoga practice, this very quiet way of perceiving the world that really has no words....

I encounter others who are remembering as well.  I talk with lovely friends where our words disappear but our understanding is more present than ever.  I read blog posts and Facebook updates where fascinating individuals share their stories - and the comments where people swear the post was written for them.  (In some ways, it was.)

I didn't even post yesterday because I struggle with the words.  For a minute, I'll let others speak for me (follow the links to read their beautiful blog posts on the topic):


  • I too have a difficult time in the space of stillness.  The habitual and often mindless checking of my phone is a perfect example. (Brene Brown)




  • I too feel the pull to slow down...to move beyond this mental rush of what could or should be...instead of what is.  (Connie Hozvicka)




  • I too am feeling the stress of finances  - heeding the call to be proactive instead of reactive.  (Adam Baker)...and practicing patience with my finances just as I do with my children. (Crystal Williams)




  • I too feel the call of order...and joy...and creativity...and so many other things that whisper to me from the soft grasslands of blissful inner existence.  (Kathy)




  • I too feel an unbelievable need to embrace awareness of everything that is - the light and the dark...vanilla and chocolate. (Tracy Furman Carlton)




  • I too feel the desire to top being anything more - to be boring and to stop wasting so much time on figuring out who I am...and start just being me. (Austin Kleon)


There is so much other wisdom out there....so many other individuals who have written posts that I have resonated with yet that I have not mentioned here.  I encourage you to check out these posts and see with whom you connect.  I feel the desire to further connect as well...

Yet, I am being called off of the computer.  I just finished an unbelievable morning yoga practice (inside today) that began with a thunderstorm outside and rolled through the thunder.  I was accompanied by a Coyote Oldman Pandora station... there is power that is incorporated in the words above, the people above.  And yet the power all around me calls to me right now.


(p.s. If you have a post that you feel called to share, PLEASE leave a link in the comments.) 

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