Like so many others, we are facing quite the winter this year.

In case you don't follow me on Facebook, this is what happened to my husband's car yesterday as he tried to back down our driveway:

Trees are down across the city; there are power outtages throughout the state.

And yet, there is this silent beauty that hums beneath it all.


The storms rage on the outside as the earth stays calm at its heart.

Many of us, myself included, are forced to rearrange plans, forgo doing that which previously "had" to be done, to let go of our expectations of how our day is supposed to unfold.  This is what I love about winter: That we are collectively reminded how intertwined with nature and one another our lives really are.  We are reminded that life is more than deadlines and business.

I do my yoga in the morning amidst the anxious kids who just want to get outside in sunshine again.  I type my blog posts while sitting with an anxious knot in my stomach thinking about my husband (and others) who will be on the roads again tonight.  And I breathe.

Indeed, what a Wonderland in which we live!  Winter or otherwise, there is always a storm brewing.  And there is always a calm to be found in the midst of it.  I feel like a child, giggling and giddy with amazement at all there is...yet peaceful knowing exactly where home is.

That is part of my practice - to embrace the storms, the fears (primal fears of safety and societal fears of unacceptance, etc.), the ups and downs - and through it all, softly hugging my peaceful center.

May each of you find warmth today...(and if you have some sunshine to spare, send it this way.) ;)




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