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(To anyone who gets that very obscure title reference, we are indeed kindred souls.)

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This morning, I am off to yet another yoga class.  Yesterday, I started an adventure that will carry me through the next month.

I signed up at a yoga studio for unlimited classes for a month...and am going to take full advantage of this exploration.  I will be taking a huge variety of classes, different times of the days, different teachers.  And guess what?  I'm taking you along for the journey.

By all means, I am a beginning yoga student.  I took my teacher training over 2 years ago and simply fell off my yoga mat after that.  I am now committing to renewing this life-changing practice.  

Sharing my stories, fears, challenges, and joys will hopefully help others exploring the yogic journey know that You are Not alone.

I will be continuing regular posts for those not concerned with this - I will either add the Yoga stories at the end of the posts or on a new page.  

I'm off (so I can drop off my son at the bus stop before class -- yet another part of the journey!), but will be back soon to add more!