Yoga or Politics, Position Can Enlighten


Whether it is a yoga position or the position you take on a hot political topic, position can enlighten.

If you believe there is only one way to take a position - a "right" way - you will be focused on form and outer appearances.  

It will be difficult to accept anything other than that exact position as valid.  After all, what is not right is by necessity, wrong.


If, however, you instead move into positions with a sense of exploration and open awareness, any position can be a source of enlightenment.  

Flow through yoga poses exploring the squishy organs of your body; hold a pose while exploring the stretch or contraction of a single groups of muscles.  Lay on the mat and explore your breath and thoughts.

Walk through your day with an attitude of humility and gratitude.  Position yourself face-to-face with the homeless person holding the sign asking for your attention.  Switch sides (if only temporarily) on an issue that pushes your hot-button and truly believe in where you are.


Give yourself the opportunity to live free.

Call it position, call it perspective, call it attitude, call it whatever it takes to get you to call your attention to it.


Position. Can. Enlighten.



Lisa WilsonComment