Yoga+Art: Examples of the Journey

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I am simply fascinated with the depth of exploration that is going on over at 21 Secrets.  The teachers have created classes that are leading students (and fellow teachers!) in amazing directions - in their journals and off the pages.  I am gaining a whole new appreciation for the practice of Art Journaling.

I am humbled almost to the point of tears to see how some are truly embodying the process of yoga and creative art.  When I created this course, I did the poses and created the pages.  I knew the process worked for me but to be honest, wasn't quite sure how it would work for others.  I am in awe of the awareness it has created for those who have gone through it.

In the class, we work with four different yoga poses and related concepts. I encourage participants to do the pose then express the concept from that pose onto the page.

The resulting pages are stunning in and of themselves, but it is the process that holds me in awe.

With their permission, I would like to share a few examples of the journeys that people have taken. (Note: I just sent out the email asking for permission - as I receive replies, more will be posted in follow-up posts!) :


"I was surprised that the whole process was completed in just a few minutes.  It was deliciously spontaneous.  The result is not a polished work of art but oh the energy I felt in the making!!   Looking at it now brings back that feeling and I think it reflects perfectly how I feel when practising the mountain pose..  a feeling of empowerment and energy flowing upwards through my body from my feet planted firmly on the earth."

"I felt at one with the process of my second attempt and this restored the energy I felt through the foundation."

"I have learned, from certain experiences in my life some years ago that, no matter how bad things seem, even if the situation cannot be changed - there is always hope around the corner."

"I have been working on my third yoga page - the Forward Fold - Enfold, Withdraw and Release.  Something quite wonderful happened in the process of this piece. "

"But this class has taught me to just “be” with my art and let it happen. "

"Practising the yoga seems to help me to focus on the painting I am about to do and the image I must create on my page comes to me as I meditate.   "


"I have practised the poses you present and now I incorporate them into a short daily sequence first thing in the morning.  They are so simple yet so powerful and they fill me with an energy and optimism for the day ahead.  "


Other experiences:

"I am reading about mindfulness too and trying to bring it all into my life.   I also discovered art journalling at the same time and I see now that the two are connected." - Christine

"Lisa, I just want to say thank you for this awesome class you have created here. ...The PDF has so much in it..." -Chrissie


I share these outside of my ego, because whatever this process is did not come of my ego.  I cannot teach these women what they have discovered.  I am unbelievably proud of them and their processes, and am equally humbled to be a catalyst or light in their journey.


For those curious about the classes, it is not too late to register.  This is a work-at-you-own-pace online workshop of 21 teachers delving into the process of art journaling and the creative process...there is still at least 2 months left to play.  

I encourage you to check it out and see if it is right for you.

To Christine, Chrissie, Janet, and the others who are going through the yoga+art experience and the many other journeys at 21 Secrets, you inspire me.



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