You Are What You Are

This was originally published on Jan 27, 2011.  In light of all of the energy of the New Year to be something more, to do something extravagant, to make 2012 full of adventure, I thought it appropriate to revisit this.  

 There is a yin/yang to all of this excitement...and while it can be fruitful to allow what needs to be done the attention, energy, and action it deserves, it is also necessary to have the awareness that we are but small players in the nature of change...and the patience to let some things simply be.  


You Already Are.

How much more do you need to do in order to be?
How much more do you need to read?
How much do you need to see, to taste, to hear?

How many more lessons do you need in order to be?
How many degrees?
How many teachers and gurus and mountains must you visit?

How much money do you need in order to be?
How many cheers from others?
How much security do you need to feel?

The answer is but one: None.

You are.

So Be.

Lisa Wilson3 Comments