3 Ways to Feel Better Now

How you feel in this moment will determine how you act in the next one.

This is why a quick reset - a change of perspective, a switch of emotion, a full breath - can make all of the difference. Here are 3 ways to try to do just that:

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Remember Yourself

We are what we remember.

Whether that is through leaving out an unused and long-forgotten guitar, dressing in a suit, or becoming aware of one. thought. at. a. time, we create our world with how we create our mind.

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Creating Your Environment

This is the current state of my living room. And because of that, it's pretty much what the inside of my mind looks like as well.

Unless you've been completely off of social or news media, you've probably heard of Marie Kondo by now. (And you either just grinned or groaned.) If you are one who groaned when I bring this up, or if I mention the "KonMari method", don't fear. I'm not here to proselytize about that way of organizing. I bring this up particularly for BEING BREATH followers because there is a very important link between the state of your environment and the state of your well-being. And this is a place to start….

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Mind Wandering

Our thoughts tend to follow the same pattern day after day. Our attention, driven by habitual thinking and our environments (which tend to stay overall the same), is focused on the same things.

What might happen if we let our mind loose - if we encouraged our thoughts to get lost?

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How Do You Want To Feel

I’ve not ever really participated in the “word of the year” practice that comes up around this time. While I typically feel that one word held onto for an entire year is too constricting for my purposes, I will say that there is a tremendous amount of power that can come from a single word.

Take this one, for example:


That word came to me about a week ago during one my walks. And it led to an entire windfall of new words, feelings, and direction for the upcoming months.

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