Turn Down The Volume

Everyone has those incessant thoughts - the ones that crash every single party, night or day.

They are the ones that tell you that you should be someone better or that you should be doing something more productive or more helpful or more “perfect”. They are the ones that gripe and complain and bitch about everyone else…

It’s time to turn down the volume on those thoughts.

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I'm Putting You On Notice

What if the difference between a miserable day (or life) and a pleasant day (or life) is simply what you noticed?

What if your happiness depended upon you noticing the bird song amidst the traffic noise or the scent of your body wash?

What if ...

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Mind Your Words

We are on vacation in a place that is typically much warmer and sunnier than our home state. And it is snowing.

What came to your mind when I mentioned that?

In the split second that I mention snow, unconsciously all of the associations you have with that word will rush to that word like magnets. And that matters to how you respond, how the conversation goes from there, and ultimately, how our reality is created.

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A Re-Introduction.

In any relationship, it’s important to check in once in awhile - to reintroduce yourself and make sure both parties are on the same page and happy with where things are going.

So, Hi. I’m Lisa.

Let’s chat.

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3 Ways to Feel Better Now

How you feel in this moment will determine how you act in the next one.

This is why a quick reset - a change of perspective, a switch of emotion, a full breath - can make all of the difference. Here are 3 ways to try to do just that:

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