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Pause Spots


Pause Spots, created by Lisa Renee Wilson, are repositionable stickers that can be placed anywhere you need a reminder to PAUSE and BREATHE.

The Pause Spots are a unique way to help yourself remember to pay attention to what is right in front of, to notice the thoughts you are having, and to consciously participate in whatever you choose to do next.


Pause Spots can help in a variety of places.

  • Place them on your car dashboard (and remember to BREATHE in the midst of rush-hour traffic!).


  • Place them on your refrigerator or pantry door (and invite yourself to pause before mindlessly grabbing that snack).


  • Place them on your bathroom mirror (and practice taking a 30 second pause in the morning as you are rushing around).


  • Place them on your desk (and infuse your work day with several deep breaths).


  • Give them as gifts to your friend who is always on the go.


  • Use them as random acts of kindness, and put them in public places to share the reminders to PAUSE and BREATHE (we could all use it!).


A set of 12 Pause Spots is $7.50 (+s/h) and can be shipped anywhere in the world.




Purchase a set of Pause Spots by clicking below.

*discounts on s/h available when multiple sets are purchased. (up to 3 set of Pause Spots can be purchased for the 1 set s/h price).  contact me for more information.

**s/h outside of the continental united states is additional, and depends on location. please contact me for prices.

More products coming soon!