"The Sound of Paint", a Sensually Experienced Art gallery show, opened in Bloomington, Indiana at Gather: A Handmade Shoppe on September 4, 2015.

Those who attended were treated to a multi-sensory event, where paintings were paired with tastes, scents, and several songs that could be enjoyed at one of two listening stations. Each experience became an opportunity to be mindfully present, to embody an awareness of what was occuring, and to experience art in a unique way.

You can now attempt a virtual experience of this gallery show.

Below are the paintings from "The Sound of Paint", along with the tastes and music selections that accompanied each one. Get Lathered supplied the soaps for the scents. The name of the scent is posted, along with a link to Get Lathered's description of that soap. Each music selection links to a YouTube version of the song.

I encourage you to find the sensory pairings you want to experience (pull up the YouTube song, grab the taste or a similar one you have lying around, and imagine the scent as described on the Get Lathered website), then pull up the image full screen (by clicking on the image). 

Allow yourself a few, distraction-free moments to full sink into the experience.

Become aware of how you view the image before, during, and after the sensory pairings. What emotions are evoked? Any memories? What other sensory pairings (songs, tastes, colors, scents) come to mind? What happens if you try a new pairing?

I'd love to hear what you experience - please leave a comment below (via the form) and let me know!


Title: Because I Can

Size: 24 x 24

Taste: Cinnamon

Scent: Cinnamon (by Get Lathered)

1 - Try [Pink - The Truth About Love]

2 - Wild [Poe - Haunted]

3 - Thunder Love Blues [Jai Uttal - Thunder Love]

4 - Dust Bowl Dance [Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More]

5 - Into The Dark [Jesse Cook - Flamenco: Fire and Grace]

6 - Nightmare [Ronan Hardiman - Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance]

Title: Light The Way

Size: 18 x 24

Taste: Butterscotch

Scent: Sandalwood Vanilla (by Get Lathered)


1 - Bhavani Shankara [Jai Uttal - Thunder Love]

2 - Momento Mori [Rhea's Obsession - Re:Initiation]

3 - Center of the Sun [Conjure One]

4 - The Watchman [Maire Brennan]

5 - Sunset Soon Forgotten [Iron & Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days]

6 - An Evening Nap In The Afternoon Sun [Joe Denizon - Electric / Blue]

7 - Spirit In The New World [Ronan Hardiman - Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance]

8 - Man Of A Thousand Dances [Mr. Mister - Go On....]

9 - Your Bones [Of Monsters And Men - My Head is An Animal]

10 - This is Heaven To Me [Madeleine Peyroux - Careless Love]

11 - Anon: Offerte Domino [Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos]

12 - Seasons Of Love [Rent: Broadway Cast]

Help me understand how this works on a virtual level! Please leave a comment below (by filling out the form) and let me know what you thought of this experience. Thank you!

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