How To Sign Up (...And The Winner Is...)

Announcing the Blog Hop Winner - and if it wasn't you, 

Here's How You Sign Up For Spectrum!


1. And The Winner Is...

Thank you SO much to all who entered, and shared your mindfulness desires! (I'll be responding to those with increased tips + techniques for exactly the issues you mentioned here at BeingBreath, so be sure to bookmark this site or sign up for our newsletter.)

Between all of the fabulous comments, FB & Twitter shares, and sign-ups on the BeingBreath newsletter, there were 74 entries. Each of you received a number (or 2, 3, or 4 numbers) for your entry between 1-74. The lovely Random Number Generator did the rest.

The winning number is 57, so....

Congratulations to Michelle Casserley!


But wait - if you didn't win, you still have an amazing opportunity to sign up for Spectrum at an early bird rate!


2. Sign Up Before February 3rd ...

And Spectrum is available for an additional $10 off - making registration only $88 for content from 45 different teachers! Do the math ... that's 45 different content-rich classes for LESS THAN $2 / class. There's only 3 days that this offer is available, so Click Here to take advantage of it now!

You can read more about Finding Flow (my class offering) by clicking here, or head on over to the Spectrum site to read about everything you'll get. (Just Click Here.)



3. Scholarships Available!

These will go QUICKLY. Just head over to the sign-up page and scroll to the bottom to find the application for the Spectrum scholarships. Once the spots are filled, the applications will close, so go now! (Find the sign-up page HERE)


4. One More Can't Miss Opportunity ...

Remember the whole 45 different classes all wrapped up into one workshop thing? Yep - that's the awesomeness of Spectrum. If you are here after February 3rd, it's STILL only $98 - LESS THAN $3 / class for a wide range of creativity + holistic well-being class offerings.

Think of what insights, inspiration, and guidance you might receive from only ONE class ... and you have 45 different opportunities!

Click Here to learn more about all that Spectrum has to offer.


(Questions? Comments? Leave them below and I'll reply asap!)

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