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What Is Spectrum

About "Finding Flow" 

How Can I Enter To Win A Spot In Spectrum

About BeingBreath 


What Is Spectrum?


Spectrum is an online Holistic-Creative workshop going on its third year, and organized by Hali Karla of Hali Karla Arts.



Spectrum 2016 will be guided by 20 NEW featured teachers & more than 20 returning contributors (like me!) offering a variety of workshops, inspiration and invitations - all intended to empower, nurture and celebrate  your innate creative expression, healing journey, and personal development!

There will be weekly inspiration & reflective activities related to mixed-media art-making and journaling, guidance on integrating your creative process and holistic awareness into your day-to-day life, and a variety of opportunities to connect, support and share with others in the growing Holistic-Creative online community.

The themes that will loosely guide our 2016 Spectrum experience are Forgiveness, Shifting Perspective, Navigating Uncertainty, Integration, Alchemy, Connecting with Nature, Honoring Body, Trusting Joy, and Expressing One’s Truth! You can expect a variety of perspectives on these - and so much more.


To learn more about the details, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course CLICK RIGHT HERE.


Pre-registration for Spectrum 2016 officially opens on February 1, 2016 (and the program will begin on May 2). 

Be sure to bookmark BeingBreath.com/spectrum2016 so that you can check back to see if you win this giveaway or to sign up for Spectrum as soon as it goes on sale.

About Finding Flow

(The Spectrum Class Offered By Lisa Wilson)


My previous Spectrum workshop will be made available again as a bonus offering for the 2016 journey, so if you missed it before, now is your chance OR, if you enjoyed it before, you can re-visit it to see how it speaks to you in 2016!

This experiential course will guide you deeper into self-mindfulness and into a more gentle and creative experience of daily life. 

Together, we’ll explore breath awareness, inspiration, and creative expression (with something as simple as crayons!). We'll use these tools lean into a greater wisdom that can guide us into more authentic ways of creative expression in our mundane lives.

Videos, audio meditations, and a detailed PDF will guide you into the Practice of Finding Flow.  You’ll learn about dropping into your body, practicing self-expression through creative flow journaling, and tips for integrating this way of being throughout your mundane doings.

You will leave this class with practical tips for creating more flow and ease in your mundane life, AND a greater awareness of your body, your breath, and your being.

And remember...all of this is just ONE of the 40+ lessons you'll receive in Spectrum.

Early-Bird registration opens on February 1st, but you can join in the blog hop to throw your name in the hat to WIN a spot now! 

(Just scroll down to find out how)

Interested in Spectrum but afraid you'll forget to sign up? (I've been there, done that.)

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How Can I Enter To Win A Spot In Spectrum?


You can enter to win a FREE spot in Spectrum by doing one or more of the following (one entry for each action):


1) LEAVE A COMMENT below sharing an area of your life where you'd like to be more mindfully present (family? food? body? thoughts? all of the above?).

BE SURE THAT YOU'VE INCLUDED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and at least your FIRST NAME so that I can contact you if you win!

(Bonus for you - take one tiny step today in practicing being more mindfully present in that area ... with a bite of food, a step taken, a breath, a conversation... )


2) SHARE THIS POST on Facebook and/or Twitter. Make sure to TAG @BEINGBREATH so I can track your entry! (1 entry for each share)


An example post you can share on FACEBOOK:

"WIN a spot in Spectrum 2016, a collaborative workshop with 40+ teachers exploring creativity + holistic well-being.. Enter now by clicking this link! @BeingBreath"

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You can also enter to win by visiting any of the other blog hop participant's sites. You have all kinds of chances to win...and to connect with other like-minded individuals! Here's the lineup (listed by the dates that their giveaways go live):

13 January: 
Hali Karla http://www.halikarla.com/blog/

14 January: 
Andrea Schroeder http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/blog                      
Angelique Arroyo

15 January:
Bebe Butler http://www.bebebutler.com/
Beth Morey http://www.sheofthewild.com/

16 January:    
Briana Goetzen http://www.orangespiralarts.com/
Carissa Paige http://carissapaige.blogspot.com/

17 January:    
Cat Caracelo http://catcaracelo.com/
Catherine Anderson http://catherineandersonstudio.blogspot.com/

18 January:    
Chris Zydel http://creativejuicesarts.com/
Effy Wild http://effybird.com/

19 January:    
Elloa Atkinson http://www.elloaatkinson.com/
Grace Howes    http://www.redbarn-studios.com/

20 January:    
Gretchen Miller http://www.gretchenmiller.wordpress.com/
Kara LC Jones http://motherhenna.blogspot.com/

21 January:    
Kelly Johnson http://www.wingswormsandwonder.com/
Kitty Oppegard http://handoverheartstudios.blogspot.com/

22 January:    
Kristal Norton http://kristalnorton.com/
Lisa Hofmann http://dandelionseedsanddreams.blogspot.com/

23 January:    
Lisa Wilson http://www.beingbreath.com/
Lucy Pearce http://dreamingaloud.net/

24 January:    
Malini Parker http://www.maliniparker.com/
Meghan Genge http://www.meghangenge.com/

25 January:    
Melissa Harris http://www.melissaharris.com/
Michelle Turbide http://michelleturbidestudios.com/

26 January:    
Petrea Hansen-Adamidis http://www.arttherapist.ca/blog
Rachael Rice http://rachaelrice.com/

27 January:    
Robin Hallett http://www.robinhallett.com/
Shelley Klammer http://intuitivecreativity.typepad.com/

28 January:    
Suki Ciappara Ka'Pinao http://sukihealingarts.com/
Tara Leaver http://taraleaver.com/

I will announce the winner of my free Spectrum pass here on February 1, 2016 - the same day pre-registration opens for Spectrum 2016!

About BeingBreath

Lisa Wilson



Hi. That's me ->

Serious about play.





I'm an Awareness Artist.

(My own term. Nothing else quite fit.)


What does an Awareness Artist Do?

S/he EXPERIENCES life and EXPRESSES / SHARES (through words, dance, a smile, a conversation) what she learns through those experiences.


I'm also a mom, a wife, a home artist, an acrylic artist, an encaustic artist, a blogger, a chai-lover, and owner to several other titles and fulfiller of many more roles. 

BeingBreath is my way to connect to others on this path of awareness-based living.


BeingBreath was created to help those who feel the call to live more fully...but who can't, or don't want to escape the daily to-do's...or simply aren't sure how.. There are practices of well-being that don't require living atop a mountain, quitting your job, hours in the gym, or drastically changing your life.

My goal is to help you become aware of how GOOD it feels to Be Well, to let go of judgments about your journey, and to inspire you to live the life that you want to live by making choices that increase your well-being.

It all begins with awareness.


I'm fulfilling this mission by offering you inspiration and guidance through my stories, my art, and classes.


You can learn more about me by clicking here


learn more about BeingBreath + this site by clicking here.


Does the awareness-based lifestyle sound like a way you'd like to live?

Join me in this exploration by signing up below.

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Enjoy the blog-hop, good luck on the give-aways, and I hope to see you in Spectrum in a few months!

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