It all started when...

BeingBreath is an online portal to perspectives. 

Perspectives on creativity, mindfulness, crafting and art, movement, parenting, and even on doing the laundry.

Perspectives that may help you to see your own life differently. Perspectives that may help you to live better.
Perspectives that may change your life - all starting right here, with this breath, in the midst of this mundane day.


Perspectives are just ways of seeing. 

We all go through our mundane days having experiences. Those experiences are colored and created by our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, and so on. We also have an AWARENESS of these experiences. That awareness is a nonjudgmental state of being where we can see what is going on outside of all of that coloring. Experiencing life is like being on the stage. Being aware of it all is like sitting in the audience and watching it. 

Changing perspectives is like choosing a different place to watch the play. You get to know those experiences from a slightly different angle. The fun part is that you can also step back into the play to see how it feels to experience it from that perspective. And even better...there are infinite perspectives to try on. 

In daily life, we can change our physical perspectives (walking down a road we usually drive on, hanging upside down, etc) and we can change our mental perspectives (thinking about something in a different way).

My work at BeingBreath is to help you play with all of those types of ways of seeing and being in the world.