Notre-Dame, Our Lady

"I've long resided in the city of logic. I know its strong walls quite well, am comforted by them. And,

I hear the siren calls of mystery, of magic, of deep ancestral calls and cries. When I am affected beyond reason by stories like this, I can't help but listen to those calls and climb beyond the walls of logic.

Here's what happens..."

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Turn Down The Volume

Everyone has those incessant thoughts - the ones that crash every single party, night or day.

They are the ones that tell you that you should be someone better or that you should be doing something more productive or more helpful or more “perfect”. They are the ones that gripe and complain and bitch about everyone else…

It’s time to turn down the volume on those thoughts.

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I'm Putting You On Notice

What if the difference between a miserable day (or life) and a pleasant day (or life) is simply what you noticed?

What if your happiness depended upon you noticing the bird song amidst the traffic noise or the scent of your body wash?

What if ...

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