Beginning With A Bikini


In June of 2019, I made a decision that would lead to unexpected and continuing shifts in my thinking and my actions:

For the first time in over 15 years, I - an over-40 mother of 2 - was going to purchase and wear (in public) a bikini.

Knowing I wasn’t alone in my struggles, I decided to document the progress. (A decision I almost regretted multiple times.)

Below is a series of videos, photos, and insights I had along the journey - from my love-hate relationship with my belly rolls and stretchmarks, to learning that a small bit of practice (especially practices of self-love) can go a long way in changing the way life feels …. and that those practices are ALWAYS worth it.


The Beginning

An explanation of how this all began … even though I REALLY didn’t want to do it.

Watch the video, or read the full text by clicking “READ MORE”



The dreaded shopping for the swimsuit.

I took my camera along for the journey. The photos could speak for themselves, but I’ve added some videos and more to share what this experience was like.


Will I?

After deciding on and purchasing two bikinis, the anxiety was nowhere from over.

With two weeks at home until vacation, more and more issues kept arising.


Baring The Belly

(Part 1 and 2)

I’ve done the shopping, I’ve packed the bags, and we’re at the beach.

Now it was time to see what I’m made of (and to bare it all for everyone to see….)