Moment To Moment

In this moment, someone is dying. Someone else is celebrating, someone else is eating. In this moment, you are reading. All of this is part of our story, and how you choose to navigate it makes a big difference for us all.

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Have you ever come home from a vacation or conference, finished a powerful book or podcast or television series, and for a period of time, felt completely disoriented?

It’s where I am, and I have a lot of questions.

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Beginning with the Bikini

THIS IS FOR YOU if you have ever struggled with your body image, size, or shape.

THIS IS FOR YOU if you have any interest in how someone might struggle with their body image, size, or shape, even if you are fortunate enough not to.

This is NOT FOR YOU if you are interested in judging someone else for their process, practice, or body.

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Control & Curiosity

We all struggle for a sense of control in our lives. Think about it: Feeling out of control is scary. But how do you avoid clinging too tightly to an ever-changing world where you actually don’t have control?

The answer might be a little curious(ity).

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