Good Enough

Closing my closet door this morning and taking a quick glance at my outfit in the mirror, I thought, “eh, good enough”.

Of course, as I was climbing into the car, I kept second guessing myself. Does this really match? Should I go back in and change? Oh for god’s sake, Lisa, does it even matter?

Who cares, right? But, as always, it is about the outfit - and it has nothing to do with the outfit. You may or may not have had this particular argument with yourself, but I’m willing to bet you’ve had the Good-Enough Dilemma.

That’s the moment where you question what you are thinking or doing, and wonder - is this really good enough?

Spoiler alert: The answer? It depends*.

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All In A Day

Think about this for a moment: Can you name everything you’ve done in the past 12 hours? The big things AND the little things - the hours at work and the moments spent washing a dish or conversing with your child.

Most of us don’t realize just how much we do and think and feel each day, and/yet we still feel overwhelmed. I tried a little experiment to see what I could do about that…and was surprised by the results.

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The Little Matter of Us and Them

I, like many others, participated in two emotional roller-coaster rides this weekend - courtesy of the movie, Avengers: Endgame, and the t.v. show, Game of Thrones. Regardless of whether you watched along with me…or have zero interest (or any idea of what I’m talking about), this is a great opportunity to discuss a little matter that has everything and nothing to do with infinity stones and thrones…..

Us and Them.

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Notre-Dame, Our Lady

"I've long resided in the city of logic. I know its strong walls quite well, am comforted by them. And,

I hear the siren calls of mystery, of magic, of deep ancestral calls and cries. When I am affected beyond reason by stories like this, I can't help but listen to those calls and climb beyond the walls of logic.

Here's what happens..."

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