Attention Intervention

Pay attention:

Right now, notice what you haven't been noticing. 

While still looking at the screen, take a deep inhale. What do you smell?

While still looking at the screen, listen. Listen to the multitudes of noises around you.

While still looking at the screen, feel. While still looking at the screen, notice your thoughts.

Isn't it odd how much was going on around (and within) you that you hadn't even noticed?

How much happens around you each second of each day that escapes your attention? What is "attention" anyway? Does this missed information even matter?

Answer to all: More than you realize.

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A Journey Within

Thoughts of who you are, where you want to be going, how your thoughts are influencing your being, and what type of life and legacy you are creating, may cross your mind from time to time. They may be topics of long, wine-fueled conversations with friends, or the subject of many a book on your shelves.

But how often does this self-reflection actually permeate and influence your life?

For too many, I fear the answer is too little. It is so important that we change that.

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Staying Lost

It is a problem that is bothering me more and more these days: We communicate with answers and act with righteous certainty ... even when, on the inside, most of us feel unbelievably lost.

And boy oh boy, do we (pretend to) have answers for it all. But what isn't being discussed are the questions and the uncertainties.

This all leaves a lot of very confused people thinking they are alone in their confusion, trying to make up a bunch of answers in order to fit in with a whole bunch of other confused people who are making up answers to fit in as well.

Oy vey.

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