Live the Life You've Imagined

Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Live the Life You've Imagined. -Thoreau

I have worn this bracelet almost every day for the past 3 1/2 years. It was given to me by my father. I didn't think much about the sentiment beyond its poetic beauty when it was gifted to me. Yet each day since, it has sunk a little deeper into my conscious.

I've always had the courage to be a little off the beaten path - at least in my mind. Yet because of my fears of wanting to be "liked", to be "accepted", I didn't even wonder what my own dreams might be during the years they should have been developing. I was ok not being like others...but didn't know who I was.

Several years ago I started realizing that while I had the confidence - the get-up-and-go attitude - I had no map. Sputtering around sight-seeing is great but all too often I end up missing the beauty that is mine to be seen.

My dreams. The life I've Imagined. It changes frequently. Yet it is in the searching, the self-awareness, the knowing oneness of myself, others, god, my path...that stability is found. I don't have to know exactly what routes I'm going to take (what job I might pursue, the techniques I'll use for disciplining the kids, the techniques I'll use in my crafting, the type of yoga I want to practice daily, which road I'll take to get in my mileage for training) but I do need to be in touch with my Self. My dreams, my fears, my child, my morbidity....

It is by living that life that my soul already knows, honoring the unique self and the role I am to play that I find each path leads me through the life I've imagined.

So go within and go forth. Be confident. Dream. Live the Life You've Imagined.

Lisa WilsonComment