Question Everything - Even Madonna

I’m responding because I can. Because it is on my mind, and because it is worth sharing so that it will be on your mind as well.

I don’t typically watch award shows, but I do watch my Facebook feed. It’s sometimes the same thing.

Yesterday and today, there have been plenty of mentions of the clothing worn to the Grammy’s. There have been a LOT of mentions of Madonna’s choice of outfit.

(If you've not seen it ::  Instead of stealing images, I'll direct you to this site, which gives you a full display of her outfit. The image in the header is a creative commons image, created by Village991, used from here.)

I am definitely not one to provide fashion advice – nor, really, to even care to comment on it. I AM one, however, to comment on the reasons behind such advice.

Why has this particular clothing item become such an issue?

Are you worried about it being for shock value? Then stop being shocked, and it will have no value.

Are you concerned about seeing her bum? I’ve no rebuttal (other than you probably shouldn’t be watching an awards show where skin is on display just like the awards themselves.)

Are you concerned about a woman not dressing her age? I ask of you – where are the guidelines for how we are to drape ourselves in fabric as to indicate the year in which we are born? And why – unless we were playing a game where we were to line up by our age - why would we do so?

Are you disgusted by someone of her body type wearing such a revealing outfit? I ask again for those guidelines that indicate what body types are appropriate for what measurements of fabric. And question, why is revealing the natural body disgusting?

Perhaps you are fretting over someone of her age doing something sexual. Will you be (or were you) sexually alive at age 56?

Maybe it is that you are concerned about Madonna being a poor role-model for younger girls. I have a daughter. I get it. I also have her watch Cosmos instead of the Grammy's. If and when she starts looking to Madonna for fashion advice, when she starts turning to her friends and media for answers instead of to mom, I will continue to foster the seeds I've planted that will season the other advice she'll receive. And quite honestly, are there not worse role-models? Just something to consider.

Did you, like me, discover Madonna’s choice because of media (social or otherwise)? (Yes, this is a trick question.) In the 4 minutes it took you to view or look up her outfit, listen to or read the commentary about it – what else could you have been doing with your time? No judgment – just observation.

And if, like many have commented, you have no issue with this and just want to see it go away  - why did you comment as such? Thoughts have power – even those thinking to the contrary.


There are many other outfits and situations that have proceeded and that will follow Madonna’s outfit, situations that will make media headlines. (“Deflategate”, celebrities gender-change, hundreds of other award-show outfits, and on and on.)

React however you’d like, but I implore of you : question why you are reacting the way you are. Question to what you are listening, question the thoughts that automatically pop into your head.

I’m not suggesting to ignore the media, rather, to partake in it very consciously.

There is a lot to be learned by what our society shares, and even more to be learned by how you respond.


To Madonna, her stylist, and all of those who took the time to share and to comment on her choice of fabric – thank you. You’ve helped me know myself better.

May I offer the same for you.