Because (Revived)

A couple of months ago, I shared a piece I'd created and accompanied it with a powerful blog post

In that post, I'd discussed my process with this piece - a process of exploring POWER. I'd written:

The difficulty came because I kept fighting to keep things as they were.

I wanted to keep feeling powerful in the way that the power felt in that moment.

. . .

I recognize now that this power is not the like a weight-lifter's grip on the barbell, but the fervent strength of the tango dancer.

It's a power that moves, that flows, that runs at full speed and sleeps at depths that would make death question if he should knock on your door.

This power comes through taking over the world and through letting it be exactly as it is.

Don't try to understand this. It doesn't make sense.

Just FEEL it.

(Read more of the post HERE)


The meaning I had found in the process was profound.

The art piece? Not so least to me. I found it powerful because of the way I felt when creating it, not because of the final result.

As it turns out, this piece wasn't done. It was merely the introduction to a process that would take me not just into power, but through it.

Here is the original piece:

Powerful, but still trying to discover itself. Fervently spinning because it feels awesome...but not yet grounded.


And here is the (completed for now) piece:


I now look at this piece and want to BE with it.

The original title? Because I (Fucking) Can.

The new title? A Pause - Because I (Fucking) Can.


You'll notice one of the many changes is a small square that resides comfortably within the piece - yet noticeably draws your attention.

Remember this.

I will explain that square - and so much more - in the coming days as I introduce a new series of art works and contemplations through BeingBreath.

I'm thrilled to introduce these pieces not only as captivating canvases to hang on your walls, but as an invitation to further your practice...

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I'm curious - what does the new piece evoke for you?