A Thought

It was a magical morning.

I took my walk, and all of the answers were there. 

I could feel it in my body, in my fingertips.

I wanted to grab them all. I wanted to record every single thought that I was having, because, yes, YES, that's IT. I wanted to race home and write them down and have the beginning to my new best-selling book.

And yet, each time I tried to grasp at them, they slipped away.

I was in one of those wind tunnels with the dollar bills flying around me. Each one, $100 bill. I wanted to grab and grab and get as many as I could and I was frantic, as I went on this walk and felt the potential. Each time I moved my arms, though - they flew away.

So I had to take one at a time.

I had to understand the value in just. that. one.

By taking that one - the one that I COULD get at that time, the thought that I COULD remember and text to myself so I could explore it later, I found far more value than in all of my flailing around.

Just one.

One more step, one more breath, that one idea....such a practical magic.