A Quiet Return

As many of you may know, I recently returned from Sedona, AZ from the Total Alignment retreat.

This is my second year of attending this retreat, and this year's effect on my being was no less profound than last year's.  However, the changes are far different than they were in 2011.

Last year, I returned with a sense of delicious overwhelm.  I was excited, passionate, driven.  I'd had many revelations, insights into directions that I wanted to go with LifeUnity and my personal life.  It lead to a year of exciting growth in LifeUnity and several fascinating revelations into my personal life.

This year, I returned from Arizona quietly, slipping back into my schedule with a gentle smile.

I'm still in awe of what can happen over 4 days.  I'm still deeply grateful for Connie, for the space she created, for the 11 other women who provided blessed friendship, support, and inspiration, and for the ripples that continue to spread out from this experience.

But this year, I found what I needed in a much different way.

In looking over my photos, I found one that I took on the last day that says it all.  I took a brief, solitary hike in the early morning.  No makeup.  Regardless, I love this photo.  I see in my eyes the peace I'd found.


It is a very real peace, a sense of being that doesn't depend on location or circumstance.  It is a knowing.

And it is this that has stayed with me.

To try and describe it fully would take pages, days, more words than I need to share.  It will cycle, disappear, and reappear through my life...this, I know.  But once this door to this knowing has been opened, it never completely closes.


I'm journaling, contemplating beautiful realities...some of which I will play a part in creating over the next several months.  I do the laundry, giggle with the kids as they watch a movie, delight in the creations of participants in the Encaustic Experience...

I breathe.

I silently slip back into this blog, a hand extended to you, the smile above on my face.

Join me, won't you?