I Am Certain Of This

The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain.

It is both a statement of comfort - reminding us the what we fear will happen might not

and a statement of ungrounding - as though we are a cartoon character who has walked beyond the edge of the cliff and just been told to look down.


Day by day we navigate our own choices and those of others.  

One minute we are comfortable, certain that we've found our word or our path or the right person or that we "are enough" or that this life is enough or The answer (to "what is for dinner?" or "why am I here?").

The next minute we are flying or falling, certain only that we are lost - that there may be no word or this might not be the right person or this isn't the life I'm to lead or that really isn't what I want for dinner.


This flux is called life.


We can reject it or experience it.  We can become attached to it, fear it, try to box it up in logic, and/or dream it away in wishes and hopes.

The item we purchase for ourself (or to wrap for another), the words we use to express our feelings (or the silence we choose to cover it), the art we make, the smile we share (or repress), the way we notice the feel of the hanger as we drape the shirt over it ....


These experiences are the ground we lay right in front of ourselves so that we may take another step.


Choice by choice, step by step.  

Look around.  People rushing by.  Life.

Uncertainty in motion.

Laugh with me.



Lisa Wilson5 Comments