Same Road, Different Journey



We take the same road almost every day.  We walk up the hill to catch the bus, back down to return home.

Sometimes it is warm, sometimes is is raining, and sometimes it is so bitterly cold that we decide to drive the short distance.

Often we are still shaking off sleep and trodding along.  In the afternoon, we are rushing to catch the bus and the news of the school day.

We see the same house, the same trees, and usually the same people driving past on their way to or home from work.


And yet, when we listen - we hear different birds and different winds than the day before.

When we smell - we catch different whiffs of fireplaces or wet leaves or spring flowers.

When we look around - we see the hawks with babies in their nest (finally!) and a new rock that looks like a heart.

When we are mindful of what is, we see that the walk is never the same.


It is a new experience we are given every single morning - a new, magical world through which we walk and talk and breathe.


In this way, we live.