Stop, Cry, and Laugh


Think of that which doesn't seem "right" or "fair" in your life.  (Perhaps, if you are like me, it is already on your mind.) That which is causing you stress.  A relationship, finances, a looming choice....

 Do not try to forget it - instead, honor it.  It is a temporary teacher, a fleeting experience.

That which weighs you down is as impermanent as that which lifts.  Experience it all with a grounded lightness, a peaceful awareness.



Stop.  Breathe in soothing coolness, breathe out that which is no longer needed.

Breathe in, breathe out.



Since everything is but an apparition

Perfect in being what it is,

Having nothing to do with good or bad,

Acceptance or rejection,

One may well burst out in laughter.

~Longchempa, fourteenth-century Tibetan Buddhist