What I Learned At The Beach

A Note (in case you've been wondering why the posts are fewer and far between):  Our kiddos have been on Spring Break this week so my time on the computer has been sparse.  It is not an excuse - rather, a reason behind a conscious choice I am making.  

It has been quite awhile since I did a photo post.  After yesterday's outing to the beach (our lake beach), I knew it was time.


 So here's what I learned at the beach:

If you don't see it as messy, it isn't.  One person's I-gotta-clean-this-up headache might be another persons playground.  Get rid of your headache.  Embrace the play.


Take off your shoes.  Let your feet feel the earth.  Just trust me on this one.



Explore whenever you can.  The world is your classroom.  You can practice your letters in the sand and you can learn peace in line at the grocery store.  If you think that learning can only occur in a boardroom or a classroom, you are cheating yourself out of the richest lessons.


Guess what: You are going to fall.  (If you don't, you aren't trying hard enough.)  You can either complain that you fell or enjoy the fact that your hands are in the water.  


Solitude is necessary to understand the depths of beauty of this world.  Find your space often. 


Of course, being with another fills the soul too.  Be of benefit to others as often as you can.


There is no one "right" way for anything.  Shoes can benefit the feet.  They can also be boats.  When you allow yourself to see the world creatively, anything is possible.  When you play with those possibilities, many things become probable.  And from that, miracles happen.


Consider the consequences of your actions.  A large rock may leave a large splash, but it sends even larger ripples into the karmic pool.  (Especially when mommy is watching.)