When Your Art Takes A "Wrong" Turn

I am thrilled to be participating in a provide-your-own-perspective series (otherwise known as a blog hop) with the fabulous Connie Hozvicka and Hali Karla, co-hosts for the upcoming 21 Secrets Live!

Each week for the next 3 weeks, we'll be providing our own answers to a question that many creatives - ourselves included - often ask during their process.  It is a sneak peek into the things that are sure to come up during the 21 Secrets Live! Spreecasts throughout 2014.

Not only will we be providing our perspectives, but we are interested in YOURS ...AND - each week - one of us will be offering a FREE SPOT in 21 Secrets Live!  



This week's question is 

When your art takes a "wrong" turn, what do you do?


This one was a doozy ... and I LOVE it.  I know I've been there again and again... and I certainly have some thoughts in the matter.

Take a listen!

Be sure to visit 

HALI KARLA at http://www.halikarla.com/blog to hear her thoughts


CONNIE HOZVICKA at http://www.dirtyfootprints-studio.com to check on her perspective...AND for a chance to win a spot in 21 Secrets Live!


And let us know below...have you faced this situation?  In that moment of gut-wrenching frustration when you feel your art has gone undeniably "wrong" ...what do you do?

Let me know!