Fresh Air, Fresh Mind


NOTE: Because I can't figure out how to import posts from Wordpress (my previous blog site), I'm going to copy a few of my more recent posts in this format. If a post was previously posted, I'll add the original post date at the top.

Today started off as one of those days that seemed it would be best to just crawl back in bed. My son just started on antibiotics for a possible sinus infection (his cheek hurt from it so he wouldn’t eat), my daughter’s nose is running faster than a hose, and I’m on the verge of getting a combination of whatever they have. It is a dreary day, seems like it might rain or snow, and it’s quite cold outside. Add to that lots of clutter that has been building up since our return from a 3 day vacation and it took all of my energy just to get us breakfast.

We kept the t.v. off, though, working instead on picking things up, playing a little catch, and being veeeerrry slowly active. At one point, the dog needed to be let out. My son is very into doing this right now as he likes to give the dog his treat after. As he was standing by the back door, I noticed a bit of sun peaking out and a gentle breeze blowing in. Apparently, my son picked up on this too - he commented on the “lovely day”. So we decided to turn off the heat and open the back door.

And THAT has made all of the difference.

With just the little bit of fresh air blowing into the house, I’m a little bit more picked up. I did a few rounds of Sun Salutations this morning (yoga for those who are unfamiliar with this) and that combined with this gentle breeze has revived my body and spirit. My son has been cleaning for almost an hour - something he generally balks at the second it is mentioned. And my daughter is quietly bouncing around in her own world. Her shirt is still soaked from snot, my son is still coughing something fierce, and I can feel the aches and fatigue that signal my body is ready to rest.

It is starting to get cold in the house so we’ll probably close up again soon, but it is amazing the difference a little fresh air can make - even when we are too ill to get out of the house. Something I need to remember next time I’m too tired to wake up, too stressed to play with the kids, too busy to get reading done, too overwhelmed to be…a little breath of fresh air can make all of the difference.

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