Temporarily Off Track

Please forgive my absence.

As most of you know, I've been doing rather well at training (my body, my mind, and my creative self). I've been quite enjoying my ride!

Well, at the beginning of the week, as I was watching the beautiful scenery during my ride on that Training Train, that mean old time robber, Mr. Sick (Boo, Hiss!), pulled me out of my seat, dragged me towards the open door, and kicked me in the tooshy...sending me flying. I landed face first in a pile of dusty laundry and prickly whines from those still needing me while tumbleweeds of projects I've been meaning to tackle bounced silently on by.

My friends, if I've learned anything over the past several months, it is that it is the gettin' up and doin' that makes the difference.

So in my perceived absence (from blogging and most certainly from training), I've been running alongside the train...grabbing on again and again to those friendly hands that keep trying to pull me up (oh, you lovely commenters, you!) and smiling right back at friends and family who know I'll jump back on any minute.

I'm using the well-deserved rest that Mr. Sick inadvertently allowed me to re-discover a stronger me than the one that was booted off of the train. I simply keep my eyes on the train as I chug right along side it, slowing when I need to in order to let my health catch up, but never letting the caboose pass me up.

It's funny...while I've been trying to catch back up and find a way to jump on, I've noticed several little goodies alongside the tracks.

I've picked up some fun techniques that I'll be sharing with you through art journal pages, some delicious ingredients for that project I keep promising to share with you, oodles of inspiration from blogs I've still been able to catch, and even a few books blowing along in the wind that I can't wait to recommend. That is, once I catch my breath.

I see an open door coming up behind me and can feel the strength coursing up through my legs as I prepare for the jump. I'm tucking those last few tissues in my pocket (...I'm not going to litter for heavens sake!) and taking a last few scans to make sure Mr. Sick isn't hanging out ready to push me right back off.

And baby, I'm jumpin' back on with an energy the likes of which the passengers on this train have never seen.

Chugga chugga CHOO Ch.....Ah CHOO! Pardon me.

Ok, I'll be back soon.

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