Can You Help?

Oh such a trivial li'l request for help....not for saving the world or helping out with any charity...just a selfish li'l request....but it would so make me happy.

See?  That's you making me happy. :)

I have just created a "Fan Page" for LifeUnity on Facebook.  Apparently, I need at least 25 Fans before I can get a pretty URL.  (Ya know, like "".  Wouldn't that be pretty?)

This Facebook page will be a wonderful way to stay in touch with the goings-on of LifeUnity in short, easy-to-digest format.  If you are on Facebook, Won't you please, oh-please, join me?

Just click here:!/pages/LifeUnity/125795680787616?ref=ts or copy and paste that into your web browser.

It should take you to the page (after you log in to Facebook). Just click on the "Like" button, and voila!

(While you are at it, I'm new on Twitter - yippee!  You can see my tweets...tee hee - that still makes me following me @LifeUnity.)  (You can also click on that link on my sidebar.)

Thank you oh so much for your support!

**Update: 6/23: I got 25 followers in under 24 hours - You all ROCK!  Seriously, seriously ROCK. THANK YOU!  

You can now visit the Fan site directly at :

If you haven't joined yet, please still do - there will be some great discussions and possibly some Facebook-only goodies.....eeee!**

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