LifeUnity Fan Page and More!

Ooooh, I'm just SO excited!

First, thank you to everyone who so quickly responded to my li'l request for help!  I got over 25 "Fans" (31 as of right now) for my Facebook page which means, *drumroll*...I have an "official" site!!  Yippee!

You can visit me at Http:// - please do!


In other news, tomorrow brings another guest for Our Stories.  Sara Ortiz, a beautiful idea-generating coach, will be sharing with us her strengths, humanity, and divinity.  Learn more about how she stays "Sane & Satisfied" - and how you can, too!  Be sure to check it out!


Slowly but surely, I am finding another groove.  This one is keeping my body and my soul jammin' and baby, we are having a GOOD time.

I will admit to not having run for probably two weeks (*gasp*!  tsk, tsk, tsk...) and won't try to come up with any excuses.  (Other than the fact that it has been over ninety degrees F each day, hubby has been working crazy hours, both kids are home, blah blah blah.)

I DID do the elliptical at home this morning and was instantly reminded of why I exercise in the first place.  That adrenaline rush came flooding back.  Honestly, I miss running (crazy, right?!) and can't wait until I find my feet on the road again.

I also have been doing yoga almost every day (at home) and re-finding the reasons I loved yoga-on-the-mat.  (Thanks to Bindu Wiles and the 215800 challenge!!  It's not too late to join - the challenge has been extended!)  When we can let go of the right or wrong way to do it (as long as you know how to be safe), yoga is an awesome dance between the breath and the body.  The mind just watches from the shadows as limbs reach from and curl into the core, breath embracing every move, silent waves of music pulsating every move and every moment of stillness.

I adore yoga.


We're slowly finding our groove at home as well.  The kids started gymnastics once a is SO SO adorable!  Here they are stretching before their first class:

Tee hee...seriously, as much as I whine about the challenges of being a mother - I love my kids.


I am literally buzzing with energy right now, but am going to leave well enough alone!  I have so much in store - creative offerings, giveaways, more guest stories....Eeeek!

(One last thing - as of today, there were only TWO spots left in Connie's big BIG class!  I'll be there...and hope YOU will too!)

Au revoir for now!

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