A Few Moments In Nature, With Nature

It'd been a long day, and I was at home, exhausted, without kids or husband. 99% of the time in these situations, I'd take a nap. But I was craving a different type of rest... so I grabbed my coat and headed out the door to a lake + trail about 10 minutes from my house.

I left my camera in the car - which I very, very rarely do, and went for a 45 minute hike on the trail. Just myself, my thoughts, and the cold wind. (And, I'll admit, my cell phone...just in case.) I had so many moments of insight, some of annoyance, some of anger, some of sadness, some of pure awe, and some moments of no thoughts what-so-ever.

About a mile into my hike, I came across two men, probably about 15 years my senior, hiking the other direction. (I'd been annoyed at running across someone, fearful at running across men and being in the middle of a forest - silly or not, it's a thought that crosses my mind -, pleased to see someone else out enjoying the weather...the full gamut of thoughts.)

One of the men took a look at me, smiled, and said, "You look made for winter." I'd smiled, patted my heavy coat, and he said, "No, your face..."

I knew my cheeks were pink, but the smile I was wearing was genuine. I suddenly realized that THIS was bliss - radiating being MADE FOR THIS. (Whatever "this" might be.) I really am more of a warm-weather girl, but I was so present with the trees, the wind, the snow ... all of it ... that I truly was happy. Little did he know, but this stranger made my day.

I took this photo after the men left, and after the realization that I truly was happy - here, now. I knew what it felt like on the inside, but was curious what it looked like on the outside...

This photo was one I took after returning to the car and grabbing my camera for a few shots.


When I take the opportunities to walk in nature - no matter how cold it is or how tired I might first be - and to walk with nature - no matter how many thoughts arise and drift away - I always find insight and peace.  

And apparently, when found within, it naturally radiates outwardly.