Art Interrupted: Day 3

Note: I am participating in the Art Everyday Challenge and adding my own flavor, Art Interrupted.  For more information on either, please click on the link.

Today's Art?  Continuing work on what was created on Day 1.


I've been wanting to add figures back into my art, though hesitant to do so.

(With this one, I wanted figures moving throughout the energy lines, the branches of lungs and hearts, figures that represented BEING the flow of breath.)

Thoughts of, "I can't draw figures" plague me.
 Luckily, my logical self chirped up today, coming back with, "Well of course I CAN draw figures.  My hand works just fine and there is a pencil right there".

What was stopping me was the mental block between the figures I CAN draw and those I think I SHOULD draw.

Being creative everyday, doing art in the midst of everything else, is once again reminding me that "should" is such a limiting word.  

Feeling that I should draw figures in one way or another, that I should have studio time and separate family time, that I should clean up the stack of papers instead of is killing me inside.


Each time that I create, that I dedicate myself to simply being with the practice of living fully, presently, and in tune with that which energizes us all, I squash a little more of that shouldness.  


My does it feel good.