Baby Blessings & Guest Post

I feel SO unbelievably blessed today.

First, please take a look at my guest post over at Bliss Habits!  

Kathy, the creator of the Bliss Habits, has recently unveiled her new site...FILLED with fabulous information.  She not only explores thirteen different virtues of Bliss but she practices them as well.  Every week she explores a new virtue.  This week happens to be creativity...and I'm so thrilled to share a creative post!

Kathy also connects to a wealth of people and information, making her site not only a reflection of her personal life but a treasure trove of resources for virtues such as creativity, joy, order, etc.

Ever since I discovered this site, I've been contemplating the entire idea of "bliss habits".  My perspective (in my words - check out her site for her words):

A habit is an embodied practice.

Bliss is the experience of a conglomeration of positive experiences.

What a thing to practice, eh?!?!

I could go on for pages about Kathy and the fabulous life she is creating and sharing...but honestly, I want you to explore the site and gather your own wisdom.  So GO.

Second, I have a new niece!!  My sister delivered her third child yesterday afternoon - a very healthy baby girl.


















 (Mom and older sister holding the new baby)

This is #6 of 7 grandchildren for my mother who is also feeling very blessed today.  (And yes, for those paying attention - this means there is one more on the way!  NOT US - my brother and his wife are due in about a month...)

I'm off to celebrate my blessings as I continue to steep in awareness.


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