Beyond The Creative Mind

I started a project tonight.  It was meant to be a simple experiment.

In a week (Friday, Sept. 6th), I will give an artist talk / demonstration at the store where my art hangs (Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe in Bloomington, IN).


I thought it would be fun to bring along crayons and mini canvases for visitors to try melting wax.  I wanted to make sure that I could instruct them to do so in a way that would prevent splatters.  (My studio is usually a mess - I wanted to protect both the visitors and Patricia's store floor!)

The crayon melting worked out wonderfully.


When I was finished, I decided I wanted to add a layer of beeswax and a bit of text.


I started out wanting to add "Believe" ... but I'm not really sure "believe" is a word I believe in.

So I moved to "Live".  

I'd already started adding the wax word when, "Live the questions" popped into mind.

So on my little magic wax wand moved....and when I got down to the "t" in the final word, something far beyond my intellectual mind made the first little parenthetical mark.

And boom.




"Live the QUEST (ion)"