Dancing Alone

(Please know that for those of you who have been leaving comments - here or on Facebook - I am deeply honored.  My inbox is back over 1000 emails again and while I want to give each of you the response you deserve, I am afraid I might have to just start saving and deleting.   I hope to make it part of my practice to respond immediately to each email as it comes in...but alas, it is an ongoing practice.  I will do my best, but please know I read each and every one and am DEEPLY grateful for YOU. ) 


Deeper and wider I spin, finding fewer words but greater joy in this dizzying dance.


Embodying this art, this "expression of experience" - knowing beyond logic that I am tiptoeing into refreshing waters I have longed to find.


I struggle now only with what I share.  Not that I'm keeping anything from you, dear reader, but that I don't know what to add to our conversation.

I have found my own dance in this song, a peacefully exciting tango that takes me through a life of one perspective to another.  I know I will again lose the music to the chatter in my mind, but I also know that these days, I am much quicker to re-start the dance.  I do not get lost easily in the worries of what could be or what was, caught up in the stories that are mine to tell but also mine to release.

I also know that I am to dance with you.  With you who is called to share in this music, who hears the same rhythms that I do, who feels that drum beat pulsating your heart.  But though I know I cannot lead, I do not yet know how to dance with you without pulling or stepping on your toes.

So I do what I can.  I continue my dance.  I giggle with this new-found peacefulness that is nothing more than what already was.  

I continue to write because I love to dance beside you until, possibly, we join in our steps.

I create, not because I feel I have to, but because it is part of my dance.

A painting that arose from such a place, in recognition of this - and a reminder to continue the steps of my truth.





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