Expectation Vs. Experience

Over and over, I am asked to choose my expectations versus the experience.

I expect that my encaustic wax will run along the line I chose.  I expect that my kids will get along with one another for at least 60 seconds.  I expect that I'll be able to run the same pace that I did yesterday.

The experience is often vastly different.

Expectation: Cute picture.  Experience: She is pinching his back and he is stepping on her foot.

When I choose to cling to my expectation, I can feel the tension within my stomach.  I get angry, frustrated, and eventually just TIRED.

When I choose the EXPERIENCE, well - that's a different story.  The kids might still fight and the wax might still drip on the carpet.  I might have to walk instead of run.

But in the experience, there is an inner peacefulness that permeates the moments.  An awareness that these things just are what they are....

and that I am fortunate to be able to be here experiencing them.